Fly the real. Fly the Maddog.

Fly the Maddog X customer support.

We have an official community forum for our customers, which is hosted on Avsim. For our italian speaking customers, we also offer an official italian community forum on Volovirtuale. Our YouTube channel features, among the others, a full set of tutorial videos.

Official customer support is given only via our Support Ticketing System. Before submitting a ticket, we kindly ask you to first check our Knowledge Base where a lot of frequently asked topics are covered.

Ticketing is accessible also in italian, and the Knowledge Base is available in the italian language as well.


Tickets must be filled giving the same email address used for registration with the associated Purchase Code/Registration Key number .
If you have lost the Purchase Code/Registration Key number, you can retrieve it sending an email to from the same email address used for registration, clearly indicating in the subjecy "LOST PURCHASE CODE". Emails received from unregistered email addresses, or with modified subject entries, will be not processed by the system. Consider also that your request could take up to 48 hours before being answered.

Please note that support is reserved to customers, so we will ignore any request posted in the community forums or the Facebook page/group, which will prevent us from verifying that it's legitimate.

Thanks for your understanding!